Restaurant Accounting Services

Elm Grove restaurant accountingRunning a business in the fast-paced restaurant industry comes with a number of challenges. Between spikes in energy costs, high employee turnover and seasonality issues, staying profitable can be difficult. Diligent financial management under the guidance of a Elm Grove, WI CPA Firm that specializes in restaurant accounting is key to your success.

At Jim Ciurlik, CPA, we understand that busy business owners don’t have time to worry about complicated accounting issues. You can stay focused on the needs of your patrons while we handle all your restaurant accounting, bookkeeping and tax planning. We’ll provide online access to your accounting information so you always have a clear picture of your finances and we’ll implement year-round tax planning strategies designed to save you money at tax time. We can also offer practical solutions for inventory management, menu pricing and monitoring overhead so you can find ways to cut costs. And if you prefer to maintain certain accounting functions internally, we can provide QuickBooks™ setup and support.

We work with everyone from privately owned restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and bistros to specialty wine and beer establishments. Call us at 262-422-6330 for a free consultation.

Our services especially for the restaurant industry include:

  • Tip reporting and allocation
  • Inventory management
  • Profitability analysis
  • Menu pricing analysis
  • Overhead monitoring procedures

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Get the support you need with customized accounting services. Whether you want monthly or quarterly oversight, help with closing month-end, assistance reconciling accounts, or detailed analysis and insight into your restaurant’s performance, we are here to help.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax services for restaurants require much more than annual tax preparation. We can solve multi-state tax issues and employ proactive tax planning techniques to minimize your tax burden.

QuickBooks Support

We’ll ensure your QuickBooks POS software is setup to accurately record your financial data throughout the year.

CFO and Controller Services

Restaurants large and small can benefit from the financial oversight of a CFO. With our direction and support you can manage your money better and realize higher profits.

Incorporation and New Business Advisory

If you’re opening a new restaurant in the Milwaukee area, or if it's been more than two years since you've last discussed your current entity selection, we can help you assess which entity will help minimize taxes.

Need help formulating a business plan or creating a business forecast? No problem. We're here to help.

Outsourced Accounting

Our outsourced accounting solution offers restaurant owners relief from the daily accounting work involved with running a restaurant, while providing online and real-time access to all your financial data. As part of this service, we can pay your bills, record deposits, reconcile accounts, prepare weekly/monthly payroll, produce W2s, file all payroll tax forms and supply valuable financial insight throughout the year.