Investment Management

investment management

At Jim Ciurlik CPA & Consulting, we reject many of the common investment notions promoted by large financial institutions, their employees, and even many media personalities. Here's why: they are often not legally required to put their clients' best interests in front of their own. That is, they have no fiduciary duty to their clients. When you are working with us we are dedicated to helping you to protect all of your financial interests and creating solutions tailor-made to meet your needs.

We use a combination of risk management techniques that go beyond a simple risk assessment and a "buy and hold" portfolio. Instead, we strive to understand your complete financial picture and build a balanced strategy around your financial goals, investment style, and risk tolerance. We then oversee your account and make adjustments to rebalance your portfolio in order to take advantage of new opportunities and minimize tax implications. Our aim is to protect and enhance your wealth through proven strategies that will strengthen your overall financial position and help you reach your long-term financial objectives.

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Our investment advisory services include:

  • Defensive and creative investment management strategies
  • Personal portfolio development
  • Integration of real estate holding
  • Investment monitoring and performance reporting
  • Risk management

Investment and Insurance Products offered through Security First Financial Services and Horter Investment Management LLC.